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Speaking & Writing

I write and talk about what life is like for Amish women and children.

Did you know that Amish American children are legally prohibited from going to school after the 8th grade?

In 1972, the United States Supreme Court decided in Wisconsin v. Yoder that Amish children do not have the right to any future other than one inside the Amish Church.

An Amish child is prohibited by law from becoming anything but a “housewife” or a “farmer”.

What would you do if you had to literally escape in the middle of the night


just for a chance to go to high school or college


or take an online course so you can provide for your family or future?

And you spoke English as a second language at a 6th grade fluency level

You didn’t know what your rights were as an American citizen (you didn’t know that you even had rights)

And your family, friends, and community––the only world you’ve ever known––shunned or excommunicated you for life.

What would you do?

Speaking & Writing Topics

These topics are delivered through my personal story or the work I do through The Amish Heritage Foundation. When you hire me, I donate a percentage of the fee to AHF.

If there’s a different subject you’d like me to speak on, I’d love to explore those possibilities with you. Just get in touch with me.

Overturning Wisconsin v. Yoder

I’m attempting to overturn Wisconsin v. Yoder, the 1972 Supreme Court case that says that Amish children––and consequently all children in the US and indigenous lands––do not have the right to an education beyond the 8th grade.

Learn why Wisconsin v. Yoder violates a child’s implicit Constitutional right to an adequate education.

And learn why no American citizen has the right to any education in the eyes of the federal government.

Leadership Among Amish Women

Women are standing up in every sector of society in the MeToo age. However, for the entire length of our 300+ years of history, there hasn’t been a single female in a leadership position among my Amish people.

“We were stunned into silence.”

Audience Response

30th Annual SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) Conference

Amish Cultural Awareness + Sexual Assault Survivor Advocacy

I wrote an “8-Step Guide” to help survivor advocates better support Amish sexual abuse victims.

I also provide cultural awareness training for social workers, law enforcement, and attorneys.

A popular talk for the latter is “What Every Social Justice Advocate Should Know About Amish Culture”.

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