When we say Amish, we mean traditional Amish, which is labelled “Old Order” by non-Amish self-proclaimed experts, who don’t speak our language (e.g., Donald Kraybill). In our language, we call ourselves just Amish. We didn’t come up with the Old Order label.

False Claims about Amish in Australia and Elsewhere

When someone says that there are Amish in South America, Australia, or the UK, those aren’t traditional Amish. Some aren’t even Anabaptists. Instead, they’re co-opting the Amish brand for marketing and proselytizing purposes.

Practicing vs. Nonpracticing Amish

“Amish” isn’t only a religion. In the short video below, I answer the question as to where practicing Amish live (those who practice the religion). Until I get funding to do more of my own research, here are the facts I’ve verified currently:

  1. As of 2020, the Amish live in approximately 30 states in the United States of America.
  2. In Canada, traditional Amish live in Ontario, and they might live in a few other provinces, too.

I have yet to verify the location and population claims that self-proclaimed experts on us Amish have published. Those academics don’t cite their sources, the sources they cite are dubious, or they refuse to share their data with me for verification purposes.

Watch the Video

The short video below (keep scrolling) lists my verified Amish-populated states and provinces.

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